Drum Circles

What kind of events are good for Drum Circles?

o A team-building experience.
o An ice breaker at your business conference or staff development session.
o A stress buster during the business day.
o A celebration of a group achievement or the launching of a new project.
o A social event, festival, or party.
o A community organization, school, church, or camp.

What is a Drum Circle?

o People with little or no musical experience are given drums and guided in an interactive rhythmic event that is fun, creative,  and inspiring.
o There is no such thing as a mistake in a drum circle. Personal creativity is encouraged and participants express  themselves freely.
o As each group's unique rhythms emerge and develop, the energy builds. Eyes light up. Smiling and laughter ensue.
o A bond of teamwork is forged between everyone involved.
o The people who attend your event will be talking about their drum circle experience for months to come.
o Experiencing a sense of unity, connecting people.
o When the circle works together we all benefit. Principles carry over into everyday life.
o Health benefits can include stress reduction, creative expression, feeling better.
o It is a quick and easy way for people to be creative and get involved in music making.
o Drum Circles always emphasize musical spirit not musical talent.

What happens at a Drum Circle?

A leader enables participants to express themselves through playing hand drums and percussion instruments. Drum Circle experiences are set up to allow the participants to have a voice, experience group accomplishments and have fun. It is an exercise in non-verbal communication, listening, and cooperation. In ancient tribes it was used to calm and unify people in conflict, and it has been proven medically to have healing powers. Music is created spur of the moment, and every event is always unique!

Groups of up to 500 can be accommodated. Some of the companies who have experienced The Conga Man/La Vida Laguna drum circles include Johnson & Johnson, Chrysler Corp., First Franklin Financial, Harris Bank, Aveda skincare, and the Los Angeles chapter of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization). Many private parties including birthday parties, graduation parties, quinceneras, and bar mitzvahs have taken the fun up a notch with drum circles.

What's Included

o Hand drums and assorted percussion instruments from around the world brought to your location for up to 500 people.
o A skilled facilitator to lead your group's drum circle through La Vida Laguna.


o Most one hour programs for 20-500 people are $15-$25 per person.
o Additional time can be booked in half hour increments.

Call (949) 637-5949 or 275-7544 to book your  corporate/community drum circle today